22 Members attended to help plan the year and a good time was had by all . . . almost . . .


Here is the question of the day: How many MG’rs does it take to change a tire?


Answer: 12 - one to change the tire, three to hold the car up, 7 to watch… and one to take pictures of it all…..

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thisdoesntlookquiteright_small.jpg wellatleastitsonlyflatonthebottom_small.jpg speakingofbottoms_small.jpg ithinkthisthinggoeslike_small.jpg
morebottoms_small.jpg jackwhoneedsastinkinjack_small.jpg heyguysthinkicanholditupwonly1hand_small.jpg lotsofsupervision_small.jpg
hmmmmmmm_small.jpg wellthisoneworksok_small.jpg soweregoinghomegoodluckrodger_small.jpg

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