Strawberry Run

June 25th 2011

Tim and Kathy hosted this run and what a great turnout! Dave & Leslie, Mike (Grant), ElRae, Becky & John, Marilyn & George, Karl & Pat, Suzanne & Richard, Stan & Kathy, Dick & Dorothy, Susan and Howard and Janeen attended- twelve cars in all! We weaved our way through the country roads of north Bellingham and east Ferndale and ended up going through Birch Bay State Park and stopping at the Beachwood Restaurant for lunch. Their service was excellent and we had great food and good conversation! The weather had turned warm and beautiful by now so, the tops all came down! We left the restaurant and headed for the Dakota Creek Winery. After some wine tasting and brief tour of the wine cellar, we headed for Tim and Kathy’s home for strawberry shortcake and other deserts.

We conducted a short quarterly meeting while at Tim and Kathy’s house. Karl talked about the Minter Garden Run on July ninth. People coming from the south can meet at the corner of Hiway 9 and 20 at 8:00 a.m. We will all meet at Bob’s in Sumas at 9:30 for breakfast and leave for Minter Gardens at 10:30. Be sure to bring your passport! Please rsvp to Karl by Wednesday, July 8th. Dave reported on the All British Field Meet on July 23rd. People who wish to attend can meet at the Union Station exit 208. Dave is going to try to take Hiway 9 down and stay away from 405 and I-5. Dave will put something out to the club soon. August 7th is the Ice Cream Social. Dave and Leslie will be hosting this run. The Crab Feed Run is on August 27th hosted by Susan Parr. George and Marilyn will be leading the run portion of the Crab Feed. It is a potluck so, the first half of the alphabet will bring salads, the last half will bring deserts. Kathy reported on the current balance in the MG account. It is $1,670.12. The meeting was adjourned. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Blaine Food Bank.

What a great group of people!

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