22 cars left Burlington and even all 22 arrived in Winthrop with only two flat tires and a few quick side trips.

Our rooms were great and we had a great time.

Mount Baker members were:

Randy and Janeen Battan, El Rae and Ron Morgenthaler, Dave and Sandy Rice, Rodger Rude and Carol Laberge, John and Becky Taft, and last but not least Tim and Kathy Randall.


linethemup_small.jpg twentytwocarsreadytogo_small.jpg driversmeeting_small.jpg intherainwego_small.jpg
stopnumberone_small.jpg innewhalemwestand_small.jpg allourcutecars_small.jpg readytogo_small.jpg
lookatthefallcolors_small.jpg lookhowwepark_small.jpg somereadythesigns_small.jpg someinthedark_small.jpg
stopatthetopandwhatcanwesee_small.jpg nothingoutthesewindowscanbe_small.jpg hardtobelievewhatdowesee_small.jpg nothingbutsunshinewherewearetobe_small.jpg
whataview_small.jpg downtownisatreat_small.jpg thestableswerefun_small.jpg thelodgewasagreattreat_small.jpg
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