Here are some picture of Sunday's tour . We had a good turn out of about 25 cars, 8 were MBMGCC members, the remainder from the Bellingham ARC.

dscn0853_small.jpg dscn0854_small.jpg dscn0855_small.jpg dscn0856_small.jpg
dscn0857_small.jpg dscn0859_small.jpg dscn0861_small.jpg dscn0862_small.jpg
dscn0864_small.jpg dscn0865_small.jpg dscn0866_small.jpg dscn0867_small.jpg
dscn0874_small.jpg dscn0875_small.jpg dscn0876_small.jpg dscn0877_small.jpg
dscn0879_small.jpg dscn0880_small.jpg dscn0881_small.jpg dscn0882_small.jpg
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