This was a great day for the Strawberry Run... Kathy and Tim were Great Hosts to a group of 25 people.

13 cars plus a chevy today made for a great run on a beautiful day.

Drove from Bellingham to Birch Bay for Lunch and then to Blaine and around the back roads back to Ferndale.

Dessert was amazing and the whole day was a blast.

--Becky (with add'l photos from Lyle)

atthestart_small.jpg followtheleader_small.jpg heretheycome_small.jpg lunchstop_small.jpg
makeabigshow_small.jpg lunch_small.jpg lunch2_small.jpg lunch3_small.jpg
lunch4_small.jpg lunch5_small.jpg lunch6_small.jpg thewholegroup_small.jpg
thewholecars_small.jpg thedriveback_small.jpg allinarow_small.jpg arriving_small.jpg
tim_small.jpg bill_small.jpg stan_small.jpg susan_small.jpg
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